Why Book a Trip With Me?

Mike and Photographer

There are lots of options when considering a photo tour or wildlife tour. Right? Below is a quick list I believe you should consider.

  • Customized Trips: You’ll have a chance to fill out a questionnaire which helps me plan your trip. I modify the trip “on the fly” as necessary based on weather conditions and wildlife opportunities. There are no set timelines or schedules.
  • 30 Year Resident: I’ve lived here over 30 years and have been out taking digital photos regularly for 12 of them. The Tetons are always beckoning so I go out almost every day posting many of the photos I take on my daily journals at Best of the Tetons. Out of state photo tours and workshops simply don’t have the same time in the field here.
  • Hands-On Tours: In most cases, I shoot right alongside you! I usually try to vocalize my settings and how I approach a scene. My tours aren’t “wildlife tours” per se. Instead, my goal is to help improve both your knowledge of the valley and improve your photography. Of course, when we find wildlife, helping you capture wonderful shots becomes priority one.
  • Intimate Trip: With only one or two clients, I can dedicate all of my time to helping you and answering your questions. Imagine being packed into a van with eight other tourists. Imagine the disruption to the scene when everyone jumps out to see anything, but especially wildlife! Also imagine coming upon a fantastic photo opportunity, only to have the other seven people snap their one photo and are ready to move on. Some tours simply have to move on to stay on schedule! The photo above should give you a feel of the relaxed pace and intimate feel of a typical tour. Note: Most of my trips are booked as One-On-One, but I can accommodate two (sometimes three) related people at the same price.
  • Licensed Tours: I am licensed in Grand Teton National Park and the National Elk Refuge.

Still not convinced?

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(Thanks to Sherry Hipp for the photo)