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Hedrick's Pond

Most of this group has the gear and already understands how to use their equipment*. Their two major points of focus are finding good photo locations and learning where to look for the various species of animals in the park. This group tends to want to tackle some of the more challenging lighting conditions. With less time required for initial instruction, this group can expect more driving and shooting time, following the best light and “working the day”. Some may be interested in any or all of the following topics:

  1. Exposure to some of the specialized tools available, like leveling bases for quicker panoramic images.
  2. Hands-on time with a Lens-Align to learn how to fine tune the auto focus.
  3. Hands-on time with a CamRanger and hub.
  4. Hands-on time with Panoramic, HDR image capture, and Image Stacking.
  5. Fill-flash settings and use.
  6. Hands-on with “back button focus” and “manual settings using Auto ISO”.

I try to offer alternative options for different angles, different distances, and lens choices for more creative and unique takes on the same subjects. And I try to help every client learn to be more efficient and productive by “seeing better”…honing their skills for recognizing potential landscape and wildlife shots, and learning to know how and where to look for specific wildlife targets.

*Remember, all of my tours are customized based on the client’s skill. After filling out the Pre-Excursion questionnaire, I can use the information to help build on their skills plus have a very good idea of what they’d like to see and accomplish.

Golden Sunrise

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