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“In addition to being intimately familiar with the Grand Teton National Park and wildlife, Mike Jackson is great professional photographer and teacher.  No question went unanswered.  Mike strives to please in every way and makes your tour both comfortable and stimulating.  My wife and I both immensely enjoyed our day spent with Mike in addition to getting a lot of great photos.” Alan Mead, Allen, Texas

“As a published and passionate photographer, I recognized Michael Jackson’s extraordinary skills as a photographer.  What I didn’t know was that Michael is a highly skilled teacher and mentor.  Today I learned more about composition and creative technical ideas than I ever could have imagined.  Thank you, Michael, I will be booking another day soon.” GS, Jackson Hole

My wife and I spent two days earlier this week with Mike Jackson on one of his Photo Tours. We are avid amateur photographers who have traveled to many different locations for photography.  We have been on many different “excursions” prior to this week.  Without doubt this was the best time in every manner we have been involved with.  Of course Jackson, WY is one of the most beautiful photographic areas of the country.  Mike has the combination of the photographic skills, and knowledge of the area, as well as the ability to impart knowledge to you while you are taking in all of the areas beauty.  If you want to learn about: the area, special photographic locations, different techniques to produce better images, and enjoy everything at the same time book one of these excursions.  My wife and I will be back to learn more, and especially to enjoy this area with Mike and share his enthusiasm for Jackson, WY, Grand Tetons National Park, and photography in general.” KS, Florida

I know I am a much better photographer now than before I began the excursion with you. Your passion for both photography and teaching is obvious and it’s contagious. I now understand what goes into the creativity and composition of a shot before I press the shutter. I especially enjoyed getting to work along side you while in the field. I learned so much about what it takes to get set up, make necessary decisions and get the shots. This kind of trip was always on my bucket list and I can tell anyone it was one of the best days of my life. Thanks so much.”  Garry Otto, Denver, CO

“Today’s outing with you will be one of the highlights of our trip. You treated us to some awesome sights of Jackson Hole that only a seasoned pro like you would know of. Our tour helped me gain valuable photographic knowledge that is already paying off as my day progressed. Your patience and warmth made our experience very fulfilling.”  WB, Puerto Rico

“I had a great great time and learned so much. Thanks for all the follow up answers too! You are amazing and a fabulous guy for sharing so freely. Thank you thank you. I can’t wait to do it again.” GN, Jackson Hole, WY

“Mike led a tour for us a few days ago and it was an incredible day out in the field. My husband and I are avid photographers and not only did Mike share new parts of Grand Teton NP with us, but we also walked away having learned quite a few new things that will help us capture better images. If you have a chance to go on a photo tour with him, do it! It is well worth it!” Candy Brad,

“Mike has the ability to quickly assess your level of ability and your interests. He was able to teach me new skills without me feeling overwhelmed.  His enthusiasm in contagious.  I learned a great deal that I am already putting into practice.  This was a very worthwhile day and I may do it again. David Heemsbergen, St. Paul, MN.”

“My wife and I recently spent a day with Mike on one of his Photo Tours.  The experience was everything that we had hoped for and more.  I am a wildlife artist.  My main goal was to observe and photograph wildlife in the area and my secondary goal was to find landscape references for my paintings.  Mike delivered on both counts,  We got great photographs of both animals and landscapes.  I also appreciated the time that he spent at lunch showing me how to streamline keywording in Lightroom (a great thing to know after a trip like this and the number of photos that I took). Then, to top it off, I received a phone call from Mike after the excursion with a tip about where to find another bull moose later that day.  If you want to spend a day with someone who will deliver an exceptional photographic experience, then Mike Jackson is the right person for the job.”  KK, Wisconsin

As an avid landscape photographer I have been photographing the Teton area for several years now.  It’s always been a fascinating, target rich place to shoot and I have some beautiful images to remind me of my time there.  I came across Mikes website, “Best of the Tetons” years ago and immediately saved it so that I could reference it for my future trips up there.  Mikes constant posting makes you feel like you have a local friend in the area so that you can plan accordingly for the most success on your trip to the area.  Anyone who has met Mike quickly realizes that you do indeed have a new friend!

This October(2017) found us, once again, in the Jackson area.  As usual, I found myself on Mikes website admiring his fantastic photography and eventually migrating to his photo excursion page.  I decided to email Mike to inquire about a trip and we were able to set up a full day tour.

We met early the next day and that’s when the learning began.  I didn’t have a lot of experience photographing things that moved.  Mike taught me an entirely different way to shoot and I learned the capabilities and limitations of my gear.   He was EXTREMELY generous with his time and I continue to think about, and absorb, what I learned that day.  To me, that is the sign of time, and money, well spent.

Mike has an intimate knowledge of the area, a pros mindset of shooting wildlife in the field, he also spent time showing me some photoshop techniques that were new to me that I’m still grasping.  If you’ve ever considered taking an excursion with Mike, I highly recommend it.  And yes, I did get some great shots to remind me of that day.  Mark Nobles

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