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Mormon Row Moonset

Grand Teton National Park and Jackson Hole

Few places in the continental United States can compare with Jackson Hole’s majestic Teton Range. The park and surrounding area is home to a variety of large game animals and predators, along with birds and smaller critters. This one-two combination of landscape and wildlife opportunities is unparalleled in the lower 48. I’m biased of course, because I’ve made Jackson Hole home for close to 30 years. My One-On-One photography excursions allow me to share some of my favorite areas with you and help you refine your skills with your DSLR camera.

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The links let you visualize what I do, where I go, and what I see each month. I could load this page with only my very best photos—cherry picked from my years here—but I feel it is better to simply “put it out there” for you by showing images I capture every day! Some days are better than others, but that’s the way Mother Nature deals the cards. And even on less than optimal days, there is always something to photograph, something to learn, and skills that can be honed! A positive and committed attitude drives me daily and I try to instill the same in my clients.

Mike and Photographer
Photo Courtesy of Sherry Hipp

One-On-One Considerations

I chose to offer only customized One-On-One photography trips for a variety of reasons. “Wildlife tours” usually fill a van full with tourists, interested in simply seeing wildlife. They are often content to see them through a spotting scope. Wildlife tours are usually on a tight schedule to cover a lot of ground and to see as many animals as they can in one trip. Large groups will often have varying goals and expectations. On one of my One-On-One trips, I never have to worry about one or two people imposing their will on the rest of the group. I have one client and I constantly adjust and modify the trip based on my client’s needs and desires.  We can move around the valley—more or less incognito. We can stay as long as it takes, or move on if the situation doesn’t look like an opportunity will develop. Being a photographer, and not just a guide, I make an effort to move to the best side of the light and look for opportunities to eliminate or reduce distractions. With numerous people on a wildlife tour, space for photo gear is often limited—while my van has ample room for the client’s gear. The list of advantages can go on and on, but you should get the idea!

Not Just “In the Moment”—but Thinking “Forward”

On a typical tour, I can show you where I would go for numerous sunrise opportunities. I can also take you to the various locations I would expect to see wildlife. If the stars align, we might get a great sunrise event followed by being able to find and photograph numerous animals. Sometimes that happens and we capture it! The guaranteed, real value in a trip with me is the information my clients obtain and use on following days and following trips to the area. Much of the information I share with my clients applies wherever they might go.

Shadow Mountain

A Photographer’s Trip to Jackson Hole. This page might help you on a trip to the Tetons. It is loaded with tips and suggestions about a trip here!